Paris, January 19th, 2016


To celebrate the achievements of GRID4EU, a final event of the project has been organized in the Palais de la découverte in Paris (the famous French science museum) on January 19th, 2016.

A large public attended this event. More than 200 utility executives, civil servants, regulators, researchers, professors, manufacturers and consultants from 4 continents participated in this event opened by Rémy Garaude Verdier, the coordinator of the project and by Henrik Dam, the project officer from the European Commission.

For the first time, during the morning on January 19th, 2016, the deputy director and technical coordinator, as well as leaders of all GRID4EU Demos (RWE, Vattenfall Distribution, Iberdrola Distribucion, Enel Distribuzione, CEZ Distribuce & ERDF), presented a selection of their most promising final results and the challenges that they had to overcome to reach them.

The 27 GRID4EU partners had then the opportunity to share their findings with the assembly thanks to the poster session organized during the cocktail lunch in the Salons France-Amériques.

The panel sessions during the afternoon gathering consortium members and advisors like Eurelectric, ORES, the European Energy Research Alliance, the G3-PLC Alliance or the New York State Smart Grid Consortium enabled to put into perspective the value of the GRID4EU results for the worldwide Smart Grids community.

But, the highlight of the event has doubtless been the CEO panel session gathering high-level executives from ERDF, Vattenfall Distribution, RWE, Iberdrola Distribucion, Enel SpA and Accenture. This discussion, giving insights on the future of the power grids, showcased the strategic interest of the project for the involved organizations. More than a simple meeting, this discussion has reflected the willingness of European DSOs to further collaborate in order to be at the edge of the Smart Grids.

Finally, the event ended on networking activities including the visit of the static electricity exhibition of the museum and a cocktail dinner in the hall of the museum!

This event, marking the end of the demonstration activities of GRID4EU and the beginning of the large dissemination of all final results, conveyed the general ambiance reigning over the consortium during more than 4 years: a combination of taste for innovation, conviviality and sense for achievement.

The booklet of the event can be downloaded here and the slides here.

Keywords: Smart Grids,collaboration,Europe

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